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YFA 6250



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In this episode of Calendar Magazine, Robert Hall looks at the way Calderdale overall, and specifically Halifax, is set for revival and renovation.  The programme was first broadcast on 3rd December, 1987

The film opens with a montage of general views of Calderdale villages, towns, and buildings.  A man driving a digger demolishes an old building before further shots of Halifax town centre.  There is an interview with Michael Ellison, Chief Executive of Calderdale Borough Council.  He talks about the Calderdale Inheritance Project, and there is interior and exterior footage of the project headquarters.  

A group of school children watch a loom and steam engine in action at the Industrial Museum.  Next is the Working Horse Museum in Halifax.  Here a horse pulls a wagon past the camera, and there is an interview with Lynne Gillick, organiser of the museum.  More general views of Halifax follows, and the Dean Clough Mill can be seen.  The programme focusses on the new bus station, the site of the old railway station before the closing with men looking at plans for the new "Eureka" centre for children.