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YFA 1815



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This is one of many travelogue films made by amateur filmmaker Laurie Wright. Using intertitles, the films shows many of the interesting sights around Buttermere in Cumberland at a time before mass tourism.

Title - An Argoth Production
Lakeland the walkers paradise
A rambler in shorts walks across a moor away from the camera, and there is a close up of a lake.

Title - Buttermere
The lake is shown from high up at a distance. There is a sign for Scarf Gap Pass. The pass is shown with the mountains on either side.

Intertitle - Sour Milk Gill
There is a steep ravine with a mountain stream coming down. This is first seen at a distance and then up close. This is followed by two women and four men coming out of a hotel.

Intertitle - On Red Pink 2479 ft.
The road that goes by the side of Buttermere is shown, and one of the surrounding mountains. A man and a woman scrambling up the side stop to drink from a mountain stream. The man washes his face and the woman, in a skirt and with a walking stick, carries on in front. At the top the two of them stand by a man-made pillar of stones. They are joined by another man.

Intertitle - On the North Face of Red Pike is England's highest waterfall - Scale Force - with a drop of 120ft.
The waterfall is seen from a distance and then close up. There is a sign for the Victoria Hotel, Buttermere, with a plaque declaring that is was founded as the Bridge Inn in 1735. The bridge and front of the hotel are shown.

Intertitle - Sail Beck runs through hotel grounds
The Beck is shown with a timber footbridge going over it, before it passes under a stone bridge.

Intertitle - Off to explore Sail Valley
Two women and two men walk over a moorland hill, jumping over a beck on their way. Sheep are herded over a bridge. The visitors, including a girl, get into a car parked in front of the hotel. A large group of people then pose for the camera in front of the car. A woman sorts through post distributing letters. A woman runs up to and past the camera. A car draws up to the hotel and some people get in, waving to the camera as they leave.

Intertitle - Honister Pass, the road over to Borrowdale
The Pass is seen, with a brook in the foreground. The Pass is then shown from higher up with two figures in the distance walking along a path. A group of holidaymakers are being pulled along in a large horse drawn carriage along the path. On another section of the path a woman pushes a bicycle. The Pass is then filmed from high up and from various vantage points, showing the river and the path running side-by-side. It is then filmed again from ground level, eventually arriving at Borrowdale.