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YFA 1504



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This is a film covering two separate weeks at Butlins Holiday Camp at Skegness, showing the various events, games and competitions.

The film begins with a group of holidaymakers lined up in a game following the movements of women staff members.  They are dressed in white gym gear and redcoats, and they are watched by other holidaymakers.  This is followed by a man doing a comic dance to the accompaniment of an accordion player and holidaymakers dancing in a line.  A woman is lowered over a balcony of a hall where there is a beauty contest.  Women line up in front of a table of judges, first clothed and then in bathing costumes.  A man shows off his knobbly knees, followed by a children’s beauty contest.  There is then a boy’s ‘muscles’ competition, with the boys puffing out their chests.  The winners of the girl’s and boy’s competitions are placed together on the stand in front of everyone.

The film switches to a children’s group where some girls are knocking different shaped wooden blocks into a holes, supervised by a nurse.  At the Infant Feeding Centre, the cooks are dishing out bowls of food for the toddlers.  Some couples go rowing on a lake, and there is a boat race with the rowing boats being used as canoes.  Two men get thrown in and start splashing about, followed by more onlookers getting thrown in.

Next comes a children’s fancy dress competition, with one dressed as a ‘walkie-talkie doll’ still in her box.  One by one they get up onto a platform to display their costumes.  The film returns to the women’s beauty competition grouped together by area, with one group behind a ‘York’ banner.  The winner poses with a bouquet.  The holidaymakers then take part in a parade around the camp, many singing and dancing.  A large group poses for the camera, waving and laughing.  There is then another beauty competition, this time outdoors next to the swimming pool.  This is followed by a men’s knobbly knees competition, with women judges.  Then another children’s beauty contest and another boy’s ‘muscles’ competition, again with the winners of the girl’s and boy’s competitions placed together on the stand in front of everyone.

Back again to the boating lake, and more splashing about, and another children’s fancy dress competition, one of them made up as a ‘golliwog’.  The film switches to a skating rink, and one young woman in particular who keeps falling over.  Then there is a diving competition in the swimming pool, with some of it filmed in slow motion and run backwards.  The film returns to the beauty contest and the contestants parading behind their area banners, with a woman from York winning.  She poses for various pictures and for the cine camera wearing her pennant for ‘Butlins Holiday Camp Princess of the Week’.   With this, the film comes to a close.