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YFA 2215



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This film documents a Butlins show from the Regency Showbar in Filey. The film includes footage of the Lovely Legs competition as well as the other entertainment put on at the holiday camp, mostly in the Regency Ballroom.

Title-British Bored Film Censors.
This is to certify that `Holiday Time' has been passed for universal exhibition.

The film opens with a Red Coat, Liam Kelly, on stage playing a guitar and calling out to the audience for song requests. He makes the audience laugh and jokes about with them while singing bits of different songs. He has a Northern Irish accent.

In the next scene a 'Lovely Legs Competition' is being held. A row of women stand behind a large screen and display their legs from the front and the back. The Red Coat walks along telling them to pull their skirts up higher, to turn around and wiggle their bottoms. He walks along inspecting them and pointing to their legs with a long stick.

Then the Red Coat introduces a band that starta to play when a woman in a big coat and big hair jumps up on stage and starts joking about and dancing, facing the band members. There are shots of the audience watching and clapping. Good scenes of 1970s fashion. The woman takes off her coat to reveal a long, red dress and is the band's lead singer.

The singer rearranges her undergarments several times in full view of the audience and then pulls at her tights. The band and the singer sing several different songs and have several changes of clothing. At one stage she cycles around the stage on a children's tricycle. The band and singer finish up to loud applause.