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YFA 3363



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A film by Eric Bolderson of his family's holiday with friends at Butlins in Filey.

The film opens showing an ice cream van and pony rides on the beach at Filey. A group of friends are on the beach, with two men having a mock wrestle and then a women wrestles with one of the men. They have a fun race along a beach, with a women tripping over and they all laugh. A man then carries a woman on his shoulders along the beach before they have a wheelbarrow race.

Inside Butlins holiday camp, Mrs Bolderson, Irene, and her young daughter Janet, walk along the road together where an elephant and a handler walk down one of the roads. The group are then in a busy swimming pool and the children play in a large fountain. At the funfair Janet has a ride in a miniature car on rails and then on to a slide and a rocking horse.

The group walk around the holiday camp, passing the two big wheels and a group of teenagers on double cycles. They have a look at some rabbits, 'Bill and Ben' and 'Fluffy'. The group then have a drink in the beer garden; Eric has a pint. The girls have a sprint race, followed a race on their hands and knees. A small boy is dressed as a cowboy with a gun. The group has a meal in the dining hall. Three women that sit facing the camera are filmed speeded up, each eating a banana. Some girls play in the fountain, joined by one of their fathers.

There is a hockey match on skates followed by a men's bodybuilding contest, a beauty contest and a women's fashion parade. Lastly, there is a dance, in which Irene and Janet join in.