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YFA 2220



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This film documents a family trip to Butlins, in Filey. It includes footage of some of the amusements at the Butlins Holiday Camp including carousel rides, a pool hall, and leisure time on the beach.

The film opens at the amusements in Butlins where there are carousel rides, bumper cars, a children's train ride, and a big wheel. There are a few shots of one of the sons on a bumper car. There are a few more shots of an old-fashioned horse carousel and a roller coaster-type ride.

There is a small group of teenagers playing pool in a pool hall. The filmmaker's son and another boy are filmed talking to some girls; they all look at the camera and giggle. The son motions for the camera to be shut off but it keeps filming as the boys walk off with the girls. In the next shot the camera is following the son who is trying to hide and get away from it. This is followed by shots of one of the boys hugging and kissing one of the girls on the cheek; he won't let go and they both laugh at the camera.

The family walk back to their flat and lie about reading comics; the mother takes boxes of film from her bag. They all head out again but this time for the beach, as the boys are wearing swimming trunks. As the mother walks along the route to the beach, the camera follows her from the hill beside; she is carrying a big, black case. The camera follows her as she walks all the way down the paths to the beach; there are crowds of people heading to the beach.

There is a sequence of shots showing the children playing in the sand and in the water. One of the sons runs down the beach to play in a beach hut that is on its side in the sand. There are shots of the crowds on the beach and a zoomed in shot on an overweight woman who is paddling in the sea. There is a brief final shot of the mother and her daughter walking along a path, the little girl falls over and starts crying.

An animated image of a cartoon woman hiding her body behind fans appears.

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