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YFA 2219



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This film is documents a family holiday at Butlins, in Filey, one of several by the same filmmaker.

This film starts with the mother, Mrs Shaw? leaving their accommodation and walking down the path. Her daughter comes running from out of shot and up to her mother. Further down the path the little girl does it again as her mother passes another section of accommodation.

The camera follows the mother and daughter as they wander through the Butlins walkways and down to the main concourse with the buildings and shops. They wander through trees and pretty walkways and camera follows them. They eventually arrive at a lake area and the mother blows daughter's nose and then the little girl runs off towards the camera. The lake is full of people with canoes on the water, rowing small boats and on pedalos. Then there is a brief shot of the small Butlin Express steam train.

The mother and daughter walk back along grass and landscaped paths. The woman walks around more areas in Butlins and into a public square with a fountain followed by shots of the outdoor pool. Crowds of people swim in the water making it very busy, some men dive off the diving board and lots of people also walk and sit along the edges. There are brief shots of an on-site canteen with snacks and arcade games; the two children buy some snacks.

There are shots of a Butlins rep who walks out of a building and along a path; she smiles at the camera as she walks towards it. This is followed by shots of more outdoor areas and the mother, her two sons and her daughter walk away from the camera.

In the next shot the two boys are walking along a path away from the camera. Their mother walks over to them and talks to them briefly; one of the boys has a long scarf tied around his waist. They talk to their mother and then walk off waving.

At the start of the next scene there is a shot of a sign which reads `Amusement Park, all rides free'. This is followed by a sequence of shots showing the children and crowds of other people on a big rollercoaster and a miniature one, a horse carousel, a Disney characters ride, and an Apollo ride. The camera zooms in to get a blurry effect of all of the colours spinning past. The final shot is of some children going down a twisty slide.


(This is an animated piece)