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YFA 2218



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This film documents a holiday trip to Butlins, Filey, in North Yorkshire and is one of several by the same filmmaker.

Title-British Bored Film Censors.
This is to certify that `Holiday Time' has been passed for universal exhibition.

The film starts with shots taken from the passenger seat of car which is driving along a main road. This is quite a long sequence as the camera is filming for most of the journey as it travels along the roads, through villages and comes out onto a road which runs along the sea front. The car turns into a gate and drives into the car park where there is a sign for `Butlin's Reception' and some shots taken from inside. The mother, father and daughter are filmed coming out of the reception building.

Title-Ken Shaw Proudly presents

Title-Butlinland Fun-Time.

Title-Filmed on location at Filey

Title- in Kenarama and Eastman Color [sic]


Ken, Ken Jnr and Norman.

In the first scene the mother and father and the little girl walk along the concourse between buildings in the direction of the camera. They head into the `Stadium Caf?' where the lighting is very poor but it is just possible to see that a boxing ring has been set up. An announcer is heard talking and then he starts to sing; the holiday makers start to sing too. At the end of this scene some of the adults and children all line up beside the boxing ring.

In the next shot the mother comes out of their holiday accommodation and walks along the path. There is a woman lying on a blanket on the grass and other people walk about. The camera is up on a balcony on a different building looking down onto the mother as she returns to the accommodation along another path. Cars are lined up outside the apartments and the sea can be seen behind the accommodation. She walks towards the camera eating a packet of crisps.

Following this are shots of the woman walking with her son and daughter. They walk along a dirt track on the grass; the girl has a spade in her hand. The camera follows them all the way, from up on the hill. They arrive down at the beach where there is a sign which reads `Dangerous to Bath'; some children paddle in the water while others adults and children sit on the grass and the sand.

The mother and her son get some deck chairs and head down to the beach, the young boy sets his up and sits on it. In the next shot he is digging in the sand with his sister. Then he runs off down the beach and over to a beach house which is on its side on the beach, lot of children play in it. Then he runs back along the beach with the camera following him from up on a hill. The boy carries his sister to the water and they paddle and play. There are shots of the beach and the people on it and the final shot is taken from up high looking down at the mother on the deck chair.