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YFA 2216



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This film documents a family trip to Butlins Holiday camp in Filey. The film provides a good example of leisure activities in the 1970s and includes footage of the holiday camp as well as the different shops around town.

The film begins with three boys, a small girl and their mother giving their names to the camera before leaving their chalet. They make their way through the camp to the outdoor swimming pool. The children go in and out of the pool, including by the slide, and play in the water. There is also footage of the adjoining, and more packed, heated indoor pool.

A journey is filmed from the front of a car as it makes its way to Bridlington. The scenes are edited to the accompaniment of the Harry Lime theme music. Once in Bridlington, the family do some shopping in the knick-knack shops. Down by the seaside people are sitting in deckchairs and walking along the around Bridlington harbour. At the seafront fair, the children queue to go on one of the rides. The small girl, who is accompanied by two older girls, poses for the camera. Some of the rides for smaller children are shown as well as other rides seen including a merry-go-round, the big wheel, slide and rocking boat.

There is a statue of a white rabbit in a flower bed, and the journey continues further along the coast, filmed again from the front of the car. With music from Aram Khachaturyan's 'Spartacus' playing in the background, the small girl makes her way down the footpath to the beach. The three boys collect shells or stones from the beach, washed ashore by the waves. Two of the boys race each other back up the coastal path, and a jet flies overhead.

The return journey is filmed, again from the front of the car, and accompanied by the Harry Lime theme. The family arrives back, and they disembark from a Bedford van with a 'Delta Films' sign on the side.