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YFA 3436



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An amateur film that shows the celebrations held in a residential street in York to mark the wedding day of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981.

The film opens with a poster of Charles and Diana. Following this, a mother and daughter walk down the road. The little girl is dressed as a wedding cake. Other neighbours begin to gather in the street. Many of the houses are decorated with bunting. Two women carry out a table which has been laid out with food. Many of the neighbourhood children, and some of the adults, are in fancy dress. There are shots of different families who have gathered at the front of their houses and make their way out into the street for the party. Children dance round, possibly singing ring-a-ring-a-roses. They also play other games together including pass the parcel. This is followed by running races down the street. The winners receive small prizes. Later the teenagers and adults participate in three-legged races. Many tables have been set up, and most of them have a variety of baked goods on them. Everyone from the street help themselves to a plate of food. Some of the children sit on the curb and eat from paper plates. Part of the day's entertainment also includes musical performances by some of the children. The film closes with adults handing out sweets to the children.