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YFA 4435



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This film shows the Bradford rugby team on holiday in Spain watching a bullfight.

Primarily, there are two men visible on camera and one bull. As the camera moves, there is revealed to be a man on horseback and a few other matadors milling around in the background. The camera briefly rises up to show a very quick shot of the crowd.

The bullfight goes on. The bull's back is bloody and its wounds are very apparent. He has several lances stuck in him. A new bull comes out. A man on horseback stabs it in the back to enrage it. A matador stabs the bull in the neck with his sword.

Outside the stadium, men walk past the camera. The team, all wearing the same jacket with the team emblem sewn onto the breast pocket, stand grouped together. There are posters in Spanish behind them for "corrida del toros".