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NEFA 20820



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An account of the fabrication of Britain's first permanent steel oil production righ. Shows the preparation of the yard where the rig was built, and traces its construction through to the float out and sinking in BP's Forties oil field.

The film begins with an animation showing the plan for the project. It describes the Teesside area's experience with steel, which made it a suitable area for the production of the steel jacket platform. It shows the preparation work for the construction area and the building of a bund wall to create a working basin that could be drained and flooded.

The jacket is then constructed piece by piece on top of a flotation tank using cranes. Fabrication of various parts of the structure took place in Britain and Europe before being transported to the Graythorp yard. The welding is shown and the various check processes including x-ray to ensure the integrity of the structure.

When the jacket is complete there is a naming ceremony and party on Saturday 24 June 1974, before the basin is flooded and the structure is towed 250 miles to the Forties field in June 1974.

The sinking of the structure into place is shown at the end of the film.