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YFA 5095



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This is a film from the Douthwaite Collection showing the building of St Mary’s Bridge in Doncaster.

The film begins with traffic passing over a bridge, showing the surrounding buildings.  On the other side there is a railway bridge with a goods train passing over it.  There is a sign for road works and one for bridge reconstruction, with the expected date of completion stated as October 1959. 

Work on building the new bridge is shown, laying the foundations.  It is shown again at a much further stage of development, and a street is shown flooded.  People stand on the bridge looking out at the high raging river and the flooded area.  The construction area is then shown again after the flooding. 

There are drawings of the bridge in construction and as it will be when finished.  Snow and ice float along on the river as cranes continue working on a foggy day.  Finally the completed bridge has traffic passing over it and there is a new roundabout in front of the railway bridge, with an advertisement for Lucas batteries.  There is a plaque for the Bridge, stating that it was opened by HRH The Princess Royal on 27th November, 1959.