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YFA 4013



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This film chronicles the building of the 'J' factory, which is a satellite factory of a ready functioning mass production plant owned by Rowntree Mackintosh. Building commenced in 1977 and the development was finally completed in 1980.

Title - The building of 'J' factory.

Title - Site clearance, September 1977.

The opening shots of this film show the area where the factory is to be built. From an elevated position there are views of another factory close to the site (most probably 'E' factory), and in this shot trucks can be seen transporting earth away from the site.

Title - Building of retaining wall, May 1978.

The site has undergone a significant transformation; a major portion of the retaining wall has been erected, and the builders have set up porter cabins and brought in cranes. In the next shot a cement mixing truck fills a receptacle, which is then lifted to the builders on the scaffolding, who use the cement to fill in a new section of retaining wall. A sweeping panning shot examines the surround hilly landscape, which includes many dwelling and a railway station.

Title - 'E' to 'J' factory tunnel excavation. July 1978.

The filmmaker zooms in on the entrance to the tunnel from 'E' factory, where a mechanical digger is excavating earth, and from this shot it is clear the tunnel is in its very early stages.

Title - Pillar foundation excavation, April 1978.

A mechanical digger scoops up the earth and deposits it into a truck. Builders are then captured moving about the tunnel hole, where several pillars are now in place.

Title - Steel work erection, October 1978.

The factory steel framework is completed and shown from various angles.

Title - Tunnel progress, October 1978.

The tunnel has developed rapidly from previous glimpses; it is now completely covered and the interior framework is in position.

Title - Finishing the roof, October 1978.

Builders work on the roof, which now nearly covers the entire frame. During this sequence there are good views of the surrounding city??

Title - Cladding the outside, January 1979.

A side view of the factory shows scaffolding running along the exposed exterior in the process of being cladded.

Title - 'Inside', August 1979.

The factory is now complete, and the filmmaker uses a sweeping panning shot to show the vast and empty interior of the finished building. The shot show that lighting has been installed, and a worker is seen sweeping the floor.

Title - The warehouse in use, September 1980.

A lorry with 'Rowntree Macintosh' imprinted on its container parks outside the factory. The final shots show the finished exterior of the 'J' factory.