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YFA 1321



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The film discusses the different architectural features of the city of York. It questions whether new buildings and old should be placed in such close proximity and the effect of doing so.

There are interviews with several influential people from the city such as; Councillor David Merrett, architect Rik Blenkhorn, architect Simon Hudspith, Borders bookshop director Nigel Haines, conservationist Tony Dennis and Patrick Nuttgens. It also looks at the opinions of the general public and citizens of York.

Some of the buildings and places that the film concentrates on are York Minster, the Travel Lodge, Borders Bookshop, St Helen's Church, Bettys Cafe, The Stonebow, City Screen and the 'Splash Palace'.

Questions addressed by the film are issues such as whether new buildings compliment or contrasts with the medieval feel of the city. Many people believe that places such as The Stonebow should be pulled down siting it as a hideous example of 1960s brutalism and completely out of character with the rest of York. However, others believe it to be a classic 1960s building and should be listed.

The overall feel of the film is that the mix of modern and old is successful and works to great effect in York.