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Record of the construction and launch of the Mocamedes from Bartram and Sons shipyards at South Dock, Sunderland. The ship was launched on the 26 September 1946 and completed in March 1947.  The film includes a portrait of shipyard workers with more than fifty years experience of building ships at Bartrams.

Title: The building of the "Mocamedes", sister ship to the M.V. "Rovuma".

Title: Built for Companhia Nacional Navegacao of Lisbon by:- Bartram and Sons Limited, Shipbuilders, South Dock, Sunderland, England, 1946.

Title: The Keel and Preliminary Stages

Overhead shots of the first stages of the ship construction, where the "backbone" of the ship, a series of connected plates running fore and aft on the bottom of the center line, is laid out at the berth, with workers walking beneath. Pan the length of the ship, looking towards the River Wear. Two workers are bending steel frame to shape over fire.

Title: A Frame from the Furnace is Bent to Shape

A worker shunts the white hot frame from a furnace, moving it onto the honeycombed floor, where other workers assist in moulding it to the setts.

Title: The Vessel Framed Out

Various shots record the skeletal frame as the ship takes shape at the building berth.

Title: Marking Off, Sheering, and Erecting a Shell Plate

Two men are involved in marking off dimensions on steel plate positioned on ship. A gang of shipbuilders help to guide a large steel plate into position. A worker tightens bolts in steel plate holes

Title: Pneumatic Riveting

A worker uses a pneumatic riveter against the steel plate of the hull of the ship.

Title: A View Through the 'Tween Decks

Various shots show the views between the erected decks of the ship construction.

Title: Hand Burning a Plate to Shape

Overhead angled shot of young shipbuilders hand burning steel plate to fit.

Title: Welding a Handrail Post to the Deck

Various shots of welders working on the deck of the ship.

Title: A Winch is Lifted Aboard and Fitted into Place

Various shots of workers guiding a winch lifted load. The load is winched into position on the ship.

Title: A Group of the Longest Service Craftsmen, Each with Fifty Years or More Experience in Bartram's Experience in Bartram's Shipyard

Portrait shots of many older workers at the shipyard, who are speaking to an interviewer off-camera. A crowd of younger shipyard workers or apprentices faces are seen in the background, grinning and jostling to get in shot. The long-serving workers then line up for a group portrait and the camera pans along the row.
[Note: This is a really nice sequence with unusual strong focus on the workers themselves.]

Title: The Ship Prior to Launching

Various shots record the completed ship in berth prior to the launch. The camera tilts up the prow of the ship to the name painted on the front and down to the propeller. Workers move around at ground level, in the bridge and on deck.

Title: The Launch Party Arrive and Are Greeted by Mr. & Mrs R.A. Bartram

Official guests arrive and are greeted by the shipyard owner and his wife. Some of the employees wait nearby.

Title: A Bouquet is presented to the Vessel's Sponsor Madame V.T. Ferreira

The ship's Portuguese sponsor, Madame V.T. Ferreira, is presented with a bouquet with a curtsey.

Title: The Party Approach and Mount The Platform

Guests make their way to the launch platform watched by some of the shipyard workers. Madame Ferreira makes her way up the stairs to the platform, followed by other guests. On the platform, Mr Bartram instructs her on the way to launch the champagne bottle against the prow.

The scene cuts to a ground shot of shipyard workers knocking out a beam, which will allow the ship to move down the slipway. As the ship moves, various shots cut between the launch ceremony guests on the platform and the ship moving down the slipway. There is a ground level shot towards the river as the ship passes down the slipway, with workers dwarfed as they watch from the berth. A bowler hatted gent (the gaffer) watches as the drag chains stir up clouds of dust during the launch. Two other workers come into view.

A gang of the shipyard workers and apprentices pose for a group portrait, waving their hats and grinning at the camera.

Title: Tugs Take Hold and Tow Her to the Fitting Out Berth

Various shots of the paddle steam tugboats manoeuvering the Mocamedes on river, from the building berth to the fitting out berth.

The Roker tugboat belches out smoke. Various shots of the tugboat in action and of the Mocamedes propeller from water level. There is a close-up as a worker stands on top of the stern bridge, with flag flying.

Title: Safely Moored at the End of Her First Voyage

A general view from the dockside of the ship moored.

Title: The Toasts to the "Mocamedes", Her Owners and her Sponsor

Inside the shipyard offices, the owners and sponsor rise and toast the ship with glasses in hand .

Title: Dr. Taborda Ferreira Responds on Behalf of the Owners

Dr. Taborda Ferreira makes a speech in the shipyard offices. Shots of individuals as they raise their glasses in response to the speech.

Title: Presentation of a Silver Model Ship by Mr. R.A. Bartram, as a Momento for the Sponsors

Madame Ferreira accepts a silver model ship from the shipyard owner Mr. R. A. Bartram.

Title: Mr Manuel de Mello Also Responds

Mr Manuel de Mello makes a speech as the group stand by and then make a toast with their drinks.

Title: A Tour of the Passengers' and Captain's Accommodation

Various shots of passenger and crew accommodation interiors.

Title: "Mocamedes" On Trial

General views of the ship sailing on the sea.