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YFA 5622



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This is one of a large collection of British Rail, and some pre- British Rail, films inherited by the track renewals company Fastline in 1996, and passed on to Fastline Photography when they folded in 2010.  This one has condemned wagons being used to test various types of buffers by being propelled into them at different speeds, probably taking place in the railway yard at Great Horton in Bradford.

Title – LNER  Chief Engineer’s Department. 

Intertitle – Edinburgh light type no back struts.

A train of empty wagons is shown being propelled into a buffer which easily gives way, resulting in damage to the wagons.

Intertitle – London and York light type.  1st test 4 ¼ mph no movement.

The test is shown.

Intertitle – London and York light type.  2nd test 14 ¼ mph 5’ 7 ½” movement.  

This test shows the buffer being pushed back.

Intertitle – London Heavy type.   13 mph 4 ½” movement (average)

This shows the test being carried out with a wagon full of cradles, many of which spill onto the ground upon impact.  The wagons are damaged and derailed.   

Intertitle – Edinburgh Heavy type.   16 ¾ mph 9’ 1” movement

This too is shown.

Intertitle – York straight rail type test. 7 ¾ mph 1 ¼” movement

This test is shown viewed from the other side, with hardly any movement to the buffer. On the other side of the sidings there is a sign for “Isaac Sowden & Sons” on the side of a factory.

Intertitle – York straight rail type 2nd test. 10 ½ mph 4’ 1” movement

This shows the buffer being pushed back, taking the track with it and causing the wagon to derail, breaking a fishplate in doing so.  A group of men then stand discussing the test. 

Intertitle – Further shots showing extent of movement of buffer stops.

There are two derailed and badly damaged wagons with a man bent over inspecting them. Then we see the broken wagon which has shed part of its load of cradles and the damaging results to the buffers of the tests.

Title – The End.