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YFA 349



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This is a film by Charles Chislett in two parts: the first is of a trip with his wife Grace to the Brussels World's Fair, Expo '58; the second part is of a wedding, with their grown up daughter, Rachel, as a bridesmaid.

The film begins at an airport concourse, where a plane is readying for take-off, and a bubble car pulls up. The flight is filmed, and they land at Brussels airport. They visit the futuristic exhibition centre with the Atomium and model rocket. There is a stone archway which has the words 'Belgique Joyeuse' on it. There are fountains in the exhibition grounds. Cable cars transport the visitors to different areas of the park. The Atomium is shown in close up. The grounds are crowded with visitors, with many national flags on display. At night the attractions are lit up with neon lights (including a neon cross). They visit the Soviet Union pavilion, with its wall murals. Inside the French exhibition there are model trains and aircraft; displays for international cities (London and the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the Thames is shown).

At the docks Grace has a joke and sits with a couple, with a windmill nearby.

Away from the exhibition site, the film includes a brief tour of Brussels itself - showing cafes, canals, buildings and streets. The filmmaker then goes on a short helicopter ride which shows the aerial view of the exhibition. Back on the ground again, Grace and the couple continue with their tour. A wave machine is amongst some of the other exhibits that are recorded. The exhibition is filmed again at night.

The second half of the film begins with a wedding marquee in a garden. Inside the marquee, the tables are set and ready for the reception party. Several buses and cars leave from the house. Inside the wedding gifts are on display. Rachel walks across the garden carrying some dresses, with the dog following. Bridesmaids leave the house in their matching dresses, followed by the bride accompanied by her father, with the bridesmaids, including Rachel, looking on.

They all make their way to the church, with some getting into a blue Jaguar (5995 WE). The bride arrives at the church, filmed by several other cameramen and photographers. After the ceremony the newly married couple leave the church and several groups pose for the cameras, with a local boy leaning against a wall observing. The married couple are driven away, and then the celebrations begin at the bride's home, with guests walking around the garden. The couple cut the cake. There is some jollity as the couple ready to depart. The film ends as the couple are seen driving down a road in a silver classic sports car.