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NEFA 21612



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This is a film by South Shields filmmaker Lilian Wincote showing the sights and attractions in Bruge in Belgium.

The film begins with a show of flags.

Title: Bruges

Title: Bruges A Medieval City

A banner flies from a building (Bruges coats of arms?). General views follow of an old church tower and a travelling shot from a boat on one of its canals. General views show the old buildings in the city centre. Traffic travels through an old gate to the city and a man cyles over a bridge next to a round tower.

General views show houses next to water, as a swan suns itself on a grassy bank. Examples of Bruges lace are set before the camera. The film cuts to a shot of the statue of de Coninck and Breydel on the grand square of Bruges. A group of swans sit on a grassy bank, followed by a swan sculpture in relief on the side of a building. 

A painting depicts a medieval scene with a number of people on horseback. More general views follow of church spires and towers. An artist paints at his easel while two young children look on. A view of a statue is followed by a portrait by Van Eyck and other famous paintings. An exterior view of old building (art gallery?) is followed by general views of the buildings at the heart of the medieval square including the magnificent belfry.

People buy goods from an open market, where a host of items on display. More general views of the city and of a number of whitewashed houses, including the Beguinale house. The Beguines were a religious movement of women who decided to serve God without retiring from the world. They earned their living by knitting lace. The last beguinage nun left in 1927. More views of the house and one of the Benedictine nuns who now reside there walks in the garden. A view is taken along a river.

More general views of the city follow along with examples of lace making, a woman practices her craft for the camera. An artist paints a picture next to a river. The film ends with views of boats on the river or canal.

Title: The End