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YFA 6289



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Amateur home movie by Jack Lawson that records the Browell wedding at Great Bavington in rural Northumberland in 1960, a garden party at Newonstead Farm, near Great Bavington, and children Sally and Brenda playing.

Two young girls, Sally and Brenda, play 'ponies' on the country lane outside their home, watched by another young girl, before heading back in the house.

General view of a ewe and lamb gamboling on a farm.

The girls emerge from their house again to play their game.

Next, a smartly dressed group of people make their way along a road at Great Bavington, past a road sign to Bellingham. They pass a small cottage and the camera settles on a group of children gathering outside. An older woman stands behind the cottage garden fence where she chats to two women along the road.

A group gather at the church in Great Bavington for the Browells wedding.  A black car drives up to the church, and two young bridesmaids get out.  They walk up the path into the church and are accompanied by a man with a camera. A smartly dressed woman arrives at the church with a much younger bridesmaid. The three bridesmaids pose outside the church doorway.  A photographer takes their photos as some local women and children look on. Other bridesmaids arrive and pose for the camera. Then a black limousine arrives at the church with the bride. A woman holding a spray of roses holds the car door open as she gets out. The bride and her father prepare to go into church. The vicar enters the church ahead of them. Local residents watch over the church wall.

General views show more local residents and children gathering in the road outside the church. A young girl wearing jodhpurs climbs on top of a stone wall and looks directly at the camera. A group of residents start tying bits and pieces to the wedding car’s rear bumper.  Some children and a few adults, including the photographer, start stamping and jumping up and down on a part of a field. They appear to be stamping down the long grass to level it.

The wedding party and guests emerge from the church. Inside the newly wed bride and groom walk down the aisle and out of the church, posing for photographs. The photographer then organises the wedding party’s family photos.

The bride and groom move away from the church, along with a woman carrying the train of the bride's dress. The bridesmaids and photographer follow. They stand on a grass covered area next to a stone-built building, as the group prepares to be photographed.

Various family groups have their photographs taken with the newlyweds. Close ups follow of the younger bridesmaids. The photographer organises more group photos. The wedding guests look on as the various family combinations of photos with the bride and groom are taken.

The wedding guests take their opportunity to photograph the bride and groom along with the bridesmaids. Well-wishers throw confetti over the happy couple as they get into the wedding car. The car makes its way down the lane, with a notice on the front of the car which reads ‘Just Married’. A number of tin cans and an old shoe rattle along behind, tied to the car’s rear bumper. Children run up the lane chasing the car.

Outside a large house the wedding car has stopped, surrounded by onlookers. The car drives off again, the items trailing along behind having been removed. The bridesmaids drive off in another car, and the photographer waves to the camera as he drives by in a red and white Sunbeam Rapier.

In the next sequence, men and boys play skittles in a field at a garden party at Newonstead Farm. A group of women stand around a table behind them and another group sit on a bench and watch the match. One man tries to knock down skittles with a bowling ball. Groups of children mill around with the adults, while others get refreshments laid out on the table. Two women emerge from a nearby house carrying teapots. One of the women stops to chat with an older woman sitting on the bench. General views at the show follow. A young girl picks up litter. A much younger girl walks towards her father, she looks at the camera rather apprehensively.  A teenage boy plays on the grass with the young girl.

General view of a horse and rider in an adjacent field. The horse and rider join a rough track to the garden party. A woman dressed in a ‘50s full skirt leads the horse to the Newonstead Farm. She heads towards the skittles game. Another competitor aims a bowl at the skittles and knocks a few down.

The film cuts to a suburban garden and the two Lawson children, Chris and Ailsa, playing in a paddling pool. Ailsa jumps from a set of steps placed at the side of the pool into the water. Her brother tries the same thing, then climbs up the step ladder and does it again. They splash each other with water and jump of the steps a number of times as they try to keep cool in the summer temperatures. They try and outdo each other when it comes to splashing water. 

[ Built in 1693, Great Bavington church is the oldest former Presbyterian church in Northumberland which is still used for worship (and the second oldest in England).]