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YFA 309



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of events at a sports day at his son's school in Broughton.

The film begins showing the large Jacobean school house. With this as the background, the title 'Pages from a Broughton Diary' appear. Cars are parked outside the school. Grace Chislett and her two children, Rachel and John, are in the grounds of the school. Along with other spectators they sit and watch a cricket match. More of the grounds and Jacobean building, as well as a church, are shown.

Grace walks down the steps of the school, showing the resplendent rose beds. Mothers and sons team up for a wheelbarrow race. The boys perform their exercise routine and gymnastic balancing, followed by a boys boxing match. Parents and staff walk around the grounds and back to the main building.

Some of the school's interior is shown: a classroom and a dormitory. More of the well-kept grounds with their impressive flower beds are shown. The races continue outside, including various obstacle races, a sack race, hurdles and other games, including one where they race on their knees to their plimsolls and then have to crawl through narrow gaps in a wooden 'fence'. Some boys have their red and black school caps on. Afterwards the parents and children take their chairs back to the school.

There is more film of the boys doing a display of exercises and gymnastics. There are also more races, including another hurdle race. The film ends with a view looking down a country lane.

The End