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YFA 6310



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This amateur film by Walter Gill looks at activities at a Victorian school in Hartlepool, probably Brougham School, in Brougham Terrace, with children examining a model of 'Brougham Abbey'.

The film opens with a general view of a street in Hartlepool.

Title: Brougham Abbey and Antics

A number of young boys sit in their school yard in a group around a scale model of an abbey. They point at various features of the building.

A closer overhead view of the model follows. A notice placed on a brick wall above the model reads: 'A Norman Abbey...Model Makers... 'followed by a list of names.

In the school playground children play a game of hand rounders. The game continues for some time. General view of the exterior of the school.

A brief view shows a notice headed 'Model Makers' with a list of names beneath.

The film cuts to a group of children gathered around two small tables on top of which is a model. A closer view shows that it is a three dimensional model of old Hartlepool, with buildings and the old town wall and boats on the 'water', An overhead view shows details of the model and its construction. The children point out features to each other.

Back with a general view of a street, showing a cherry blossom tree in full bloom in a front garden.