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YFA 3880



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This film focuses on a Brougham or a four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage built in the 19th century. The carriage was used as part of the Walkington Victorian Hayride. The Hayride was an annual fundraising event taking place in East Yorkshire, and it was one of the largest processions of horse-drawn wheels in England.

Title - The Brougham.

The film opens as a man walks down the road with a dog past a white house with an orange tiled roof. He walks along the driveway and past a green water pump. A large vehicle is parked in the driveway, and the man takes an object from the roof and opens the carriage door. He places a partition on the front of the carriage that is made out of wood and metal. Following this, the man rolls one of the large wheels around the back of the carriage and rests it against the wall. The carriage is parked outside the horse stables. The man places luggage on the roof of the carriage and then closes the carriage door. He then attaches two metal bars to the front of the carriage, parallel to each other, and climbs aboard the carriage, sitting in the driving seat to test the leaver. A lamp is attached to the side of the carriage, and a pull handle is used to open the carriage doors for passengers to ride inside the carriage. The luggage is stored on the roof of the carriage, and the large wheels are made of metal as well as the horse fixtures. The man closes the looking glass in the carriage.

Reflections of children dressed in Victorian costumes can be seen in the side of the carriage panel. A boy and two girls dressed in costumes climb into the carriage and sit inside. They then climb back out of the carriage which is parked in a field.

Many people are gathered within the stables. They are dressed in different types of Victorian costumes which identify the different social classes of that period. Women wearing dresses and sun hats carry charity boxes and stand together. Men attach reigns and decorations to the horse in the stable yard. In the fields the horses are attached to the carriages.

A number of carriages and decorated horses are lined up in the stable yard with people in costumes, the riders, and the drivers of the horses and carriages. The carriages loaded with people follow in procession through the country lanes. They are followed by a man riding a penny-farthing. The carriages are taken underneath the archways, through the city on the main road where the streets are lined with people as they pass a church building. A traction engine travels down the same road followed by a man riding a penny-farthing and more carriages loaded with people waving their hats in the air.

A painting of a man and woman by a carriage.

Carriages travel down the road past the church and over cobbled streets. The driver of the carriage pulls up outside a building and helps a woman and girl passenger out of the carriage door. The woman and girl walk up the steps of the building and enter a door 61. The man and woman pose in the position of the painting. The woman and girl stand outside the door of the building as the driver stands by the carriage and horse. Finally, the carriage is driven on the road underneath the stone archway.