Film ID:
YFA 5244



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This is a short film made by Sheffield University Student Film Unit showing a derelict housing area in Broomhall and a busy newly opened Castle Market.

The film begins showing a few derelict houses in an area of demolished housing at the back of Viners factory, possibly around Aberdeen Street.  A view through a doorway shows St Silas Church nearby.  As the camera pans around the site, there is a road at the end with inhabited houses, and two female students stand among the rubble.  In one place there is a row of outside toilets half buried within a pile of bricks.  One has the remains of a newspaper on the floor.

The film switches to show shoppers wandering around Castle Market.  A neon lit sign shows what is on each floor.  The camera moves unsteadily among the shoppers milling about outside and the film comes to an end.