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YFA 3604



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Made by Yorkshire Television, this programme presented by Richard Whiteley is a look at Christmas celebrations in the village of Haworth in West Yorkshire, the home of the Bronte sisters.  The special, first broadcast 18th December, 1980, includes footage of children waving from window of steam train in Haworth Railway Station, Haworth High Street with choir singing carols outside church, and Santa on a train talking to local children.  

The film opens showing the Haworth Town Band singing On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at outside the Black Bull Hotel on Main Street.  Following this, Richard Whiteley is on the platform of the railway Station at Haworth, waving to children on the Brontes “Santa’s Special” on the Worth valley Railway.  He boards the train and speaks to a group of children on a carriage, asking them what they know of the Brontes.  Father Christmas comes in and gives them all a present, including a pair of working gloves for Richard Whiteley.

Next, another presenter, Geoff Druett, interviews sign writer Stan Baldwin.  Baldwin is responsible for renovating an old delivery van for the Biscuit Company of Yorkshire, and he has connections to the Haworth Town Band.  Followign the interview, he gives Geoff a lift to Haworth.  

Meanwhile Richard Whiteley gets off the train at Haworth and waves at the children as it moves off again.  He goes onto join the Haworth Town Band outside the Black Bull Hotel on Main Street.  He interviews John Moore, the Band leader, who is retiring.  

Geoff arrives in the van and Stan Baldwin presents John Moore with a gift of a painting of the band marching through Haworth.  Richard Whiteley interviews the Rector at Haworth, Harry Ashdown, and his two young daughters who are also story writers. 

Richard Whiteley and Geoff Druet visit the church, Parsonage and the grave yard, reflecting on what life must have been like back at the time of the Brontes, and how the building of the Sunday School opposite would have blocked out the view from the Parsonage.  There is a short break and the pair enter the Parsonage, followed by another short break and they leave again, making out that they have just enjoyed an evening in the company of the Bronte family before walking off.