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YFA 3118



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This film contains footage of a trip to Brompton by Betty and Cyril Ramsden and a couple of their friends. They wander through valleys, beside rivers and have a picnic beside their car. Betty and Cyril Ramsden were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-Brompton by Sawdon.

The film opens showing the Cayley Arms pub, followed by the two couples walking around the rest of the village. There are small cottages, trees and a village green. The Ramsdens and their friends exit the pub and set off to the countryside.

Title-Buttercup Valley

The two couples walk through a large field which has many cows, and a few horses, grazing on the buttercups.

Title-Backwaters of Brompton.

The group walk along a river path before going for a drink in the Kings Head Inn, showing the sign for the Proprieter, James Orrah.

Title-Roaming in Rosedale.

There is a panoramic view over the landscape from the top of a hill. They then move onto the village of Rosedale and have a picnic by their car on the side of the road, using the footboard of the car as a table.  Betty has a snooze in the car. This is followed by extensive views of the countryside wildlife and ducks swimming along a river.  

Title-More Meanderings

There are more shots of the countryside and of several cows being directed across a footbridge over the River an old farmer.  There is an old stone with the writing "Road to Kirbymoorside".


At the seaside town, the south bay can be seen as well as the grand hotel, the lighthouse and boats landing lobsters at the pier. Some fishermen are mending nets and painting their boats on the pier, where some boys are fishing.  People board a rowing boat on the beach via a cart with large wheels.

Title-Back to the buttercups.

The film closes back at Buttercup Valley where the group wander around.  The film finishes with a sunset

The End.