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YFA 5588



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A family holiday in Brittany in August 1984.

A blue swimming pool can be seen, and a girl with hair in pig-tails is floating with the support of orange flotation devices.  In a wider shot it becomes clear that this is an outdoor pool set in an old stone building with lots of white plastic chairs and sun loungers around the edge.

Boys play tennis on a busy court it is a doubles match and that is followed by shots of a caravan in a woodland setting.  The blonde girl with pig-tails is wearing a white T-shirt and red shorts.  She plays with older boys passing a football around later joined by an older man.  It is a sunny day and a blue hatch back car is parked next to a white caravan.  Looking out to sea a ferry can be seen coming closer to shore.  The blonde girl poses for the camera with the sea in the background.  A flag is flying on the boat it is the blue, yellow and black flag of the Bahamas.