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YFA 5681



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This is one from a set of films from the Baron family of Leeds made by Jewish tailor and amateur filmmaker, Alec Baron.  It documents two family holidays, one in Brittany, 1961 and the other in Italy, 1962.  In the first they tour Dinard, St-Malo, Quimper and Rennes, while in the second they visit Naples, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and Rome.

The film begins with the mother and her children looking down on the river and the high viaduct that goes over it at Dinard in Brittany.  They are next petting some calves before walking along a beach, with St-Malo in the distance.  Next they are walking along narrow streets, with market stalls, and climbing up steep steps, before visiting a church, walking along the cloisters.  Then the children are clambering over rocks by the sea and walking along a town seafront.

Two women are seen having a conversation along the tops of a sea wall, while carefree young children run wild around them. A young girl in blue shorts runs past chasing an older child in a red top in the distance, another elated child in a beige cardigan looks back towards the camera as he chases the other children.  The young girl in the red top is jumping up and down the path along the seawall, the same path she was just seen running along. There are various views along the seawall towards the fort at St Malo and further out along the coast towards the sea. 
A woman holding a baby in her arms is seen smiling as the small baby laughs, the three children, the eldest boy, the girl in the red top and the baby, hold each other in loving embrace, laughing.  A black helicopter cuts across the blue cloudless sky.

The family are seen descending down stone steps to the beach where the children play in the sand.  There is a close-up of a woman’s laughing face in the sunshine and views of two boys clambering up the beach rocks. The same woman is now lying down on the path, as the children continue to play around her.

A woman in a red polka-dot dress, a basket and a walking stick is seen walking down a path.  A panning shot of a square in the town shows children playing in the shadows of large continental buildings.  Back at the beach the children are playing in the sand under the watchful eye of their mother in matching bright yellow floral swim cap and costume. The eldest boy is digging in the sand.

The family are next in Quimper, seen walking down the street towards the camera with the two towers of the cathedral of Saint Corentine providing an impressive backdrop.  Next they are on the beach at La Baule, with waves crashing on the shore and the family on the beach, mother reading a book as the young child digs in the sand.
The film briefly cuts to a docking bay a woman holding a baby in the foreground, then back to the beach, the children playing on the sand and in the sea. 

The holidaymakers are next in Rennes, overlooking the gardens at Saint Georges Palace, with views of various floras, garden landscape designs, water features and children seen playing on the lawns and banks.  They are then at an amphitheatre, with views from the top row looking down at children playing on the stage.  The family enjoy a meal in a dining room before we see them back at the beach, digging, building sand castles and playing in the waves.
The family wander around the grounds at St Georges Palace, with views of fountains, rose bushes, various statues and peacocks. Two girls pose for the camera sat in chairs holding hands, one in a bright red tunic and the other in a bright blue tunic.

The family board a ferry as a small blue car is loaded on board, and they are next in Naples, with views of the city skyline from a rooftop where the family are enjoying the sunshine.  They visit Pompeii, looking around the ancient and deserted city, with its ruins, pillars and cracked statues, and the empty streets, with Mount Vesuvius providing the backdrop.  They trek up Mount Vesuvius, and are then seen taking a flight on a small plane, filming the view out of the window during flight. 

They next visit Rome, with views of the city streets and tourist sights.  There are wide avenues and floral decorations along the Spanish steps up to the Trinita del Monti.  This is followed by visits to Altare della Patricia, the Roman Forum, Tivoli Gardens, St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City and the Obelisk in St Peters Square, showing some of the locals and more statues.  Then we see Rome by night, with low hues from street lights, out staged by the crass glow of UV bar signs.  They visit the Coliseum and Trevi fountains, and a crowd gathers to watch a Punch and Judy show in a park.