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YFA 5145



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This is a film of aspects of the workings of British Railways in the Harrogate District.  It includes film of steam engines and the new Deltic diesel electric locomotives introduced 1961/2.  It also includes handling parcels, a goods yard, signalling and the Ripon line which closed in 1968.

Title – British Railways Harrogate District

The film begins at Harrogate Railway Station, with cars parked outside.  The Booking Office is empty, but passengers make their way up the stairs and over the bridge to the various platforms.  A steam engine (80118) backs onto a train waiting at a platform.  The shunter jumps off and couples them up.  Passengers get on board, at 11.42 am, and the train moves off.  Then a longer train being pulled by a diesel engine passes by and arrives at the station to pick up passengers.  A man, possibly the driver, walks along the side of the train on the track giving it a visual inspection as he does so.  The train continues out of the city and passes a signal box, where the signalman pulls off some signals. A diesel train passes through the station and passengers alight.  The signal is pulled off and the train leaves.  Points move and another signal changes as another local green train (IN18) arrives.  Parcels are loaded onto the train and it too leaves.  Another local train (IM36) passes by.   At 3.50 pm an inter-city train (IE14) passes the signal box and arrives, pulling Pullman brown and cream coaches.  The station staff wait for it.  Another train arrives going in the opposite direction, and passengers get off and get into waiting cars.

Then a goods train passes by being pulled by a shunting engine in a marshalling yard.  Then there is a view of a street followed by a transport yard (Silcocks?), dotted with trailers for articulated lorries, possibly next to the marshalling yard.  As shunting engine pulls some wagons out of the marshalling yard and the shunter jumps off the engine to switch points and back it down another road.  Coal trucks pull up alongside the wagons and load sacks with coal from off the wagons.  Articulated lorries leave the yard carrying box vans.   A three-wheeled vehicle arrives pulling a trailer to deliver sacks of All in One Kennel Meal to a pet shop.  Back at the station parcels are unloaded from a train.  Some are taken away in a delivery van ‘Metalife’, and a British Railways van heads out and arrives at a parcel warehouse.

Then a goods train passes by followed by a passenger train, both being pulled by a steam engine, and then several other trains.  Back at the station, railway staff wait for the next arrival, and passengers get off.  A train pulls out of York heading for Harrogate.  We follow the journey from the driver’s view inside the cab as it passes stations and shunting yards.

Title – The End
Title – Filmed by E. W. Yardley