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YFA 4918



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This film featured pageant celebrations in the village of Oulton, outside Leeds.  The film was made by John Paul Volter, the village chemist, and features procession for the Carnival Queen and the Comic Band, a long-standing local tradition.

The film opens at the junction of Calverley Road and Aberford Road in Oulton.  Villagers are gathered to watch the procession, but before it begins a few cars and cyclists pass along the road.  Children in fancy dress pose for the camera as well as a man dressed in a Native American Indian costume, complete with a feather headdress.  The procession emerges from Farrar Lane, and Volter’s shop and the local Oulton St. John’s School are in the background.  The parade is led by a brass band, and the Carnival Queen follows.  The girls in the procession are dressed in white and hold small bouquets.  Children and adults in fancy dress follow, and the procession closes with the Comic Band, many of its members dressed as clowns.

The event moves onto the Croft field which is now housing on Croft Drive.  On the field, people in different costumes pose for the camera, and following this, the Carnival Queen procession continues on the field.  They walk across the village green, the fancy dress parade and Comic Band following.  After the procession, the Comic Band poses together for a picture, and the cameraman focuses in on individual members of the band.  The film closes with some of the adults in fancy dress dancing around and playing up for the camera.