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YFA 755



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This film contains footage of a Thanksgiving service held in Bradford Moor Park on Sunday, 26th August, 1945. The service was attended by Alderman C. Barnett, the Lord Mayor of Bradford.

Title-British Legion Drumhead Thanksgiving Service.

Title-Held in Bradford Moor Park on Sunday, 26th August 1945.

The film opens with a shot of the Lord Mayor and other dignitaries lined up in a row on chairs in a field. A Union Jack flag is on a mast in front of them, they stand as the service begins and a priest preaches to them all.

Title-Rev J. Savage.

There is a shot of him giving a sermon in front of a microphone in the field. The camera pans across the seated crowd and shows the amount of men, women and children that are attending.

Title-The Lord Mayor Alderman C. Barnett, J.P.

The Lord Mayor stands at the microphone in front of the waiting crowd and makes a speech to them.

Title-The March past.

In the next scene there are shots of a parade of Mounties, men wearing their medals and women in uniform.