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YFA 126



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Mady by Lucy Fairbank, this is a film which captures a Linthwaite Council School trip to the British Empire Exhibition in Glasgow. It starts early in the morning as they get on the train, follows them throughout the day, and accompanies them on the journey back to Slaithwaite.

Title-Scholars from the Linthwaite Council School (mixed department) visited the Empire Exhibition, Glasgow June 3rd/38.

Title-Slaithwaite Station, 5.30am. A drizzly morning but we're very optimistic.

The film opens with shot of crowds of children and some adults waiting on a train platform. They are looking away from the camera and in the direction of the approaching train. Some look back at the camera. The next shot is of the adults and children crowding onto the carriages and of people waving at the train as it leaves the platform.

Two young women sit opposite each other at a table beside a window.

Title-A happy party are served with lunch.

Waiters with uniform jackets serve foods from large platters onto their plates. There is a shot of the children eating.

Title-First glimpse Bellahouston Park with its Empire Tower.

Crowds move away from the camera, past a policeman and towards the large buildings visible in the near distance behind trees. There are shots of a tall, concrete tower and some of the other buildings. There are many people walking around in different directions and electric carts transporting people around the grounds.

Title-Two magnificent Scottish pavilions which cost £65,000.

There is a shot of a large building with the word `Scottish' on the side of it. In front of it are flowerbeds, fountains, tall flag poles and a few policemen.

Title-Most of the Exhibition Buildings are severely modern in design.

There is another large building but this one has `Industries' on a large sign. People wander around this building and the Peugeot lion symbol is visible on the wall. There are other signs on most of the buildings including `Sports'.

Title-The beautiful Palace of Art cost £40,000 and houses pieces worth £1,000,000.

There are shots of a large building with a lion statue outside; a woman waves as the camera as she goes in. In the next shot a couple outside the building are reading through leaflets; they look up at the camera.

Title-A Highland Craft.

There is a shot of an old, stone cottage with an older woman seated outside; she is spinning wool on a spinning wheel. The sign `The Cleuch' is above the door and visitors queue to go inside and gather outside to watch the woman spin. There are lingering shots of the woman spinning.

Next the grounds of the exhibition encompass the many large and individually designed buildings, the large fountains, the paths and flowerbeds; another building has a sign which reads `Engineering'.

A policemen's band are seated and playing for the crowds.

There are more shots of the buildings in the pavilions, and this time there are many buildings with the names of countries and companies on the sides. Outside one of the buildings is a tank; there is a soldier standing in the top of it. A group of Boy Scouts crowd around it, having a close look.

There is a brief shot of another building which has a statue of a man and a woman outside; a couple exit the building and look at the camera. Following this there is a shot of a group of Brownies performing in a paved area in front of a building; they march around and then the do some dancing before marching off again.

Title-The Clachan-The Highland Village is a most restful spot. It is about the one thing in the Exhibition that does not point to the future.

There is a shot of a sign for' The Clachan' built between two little huts. People wander over to the village and wander around the various buildings. There is a lake beside the cottage and they walk over to that and some people walk out into the lake on the small, wooden jetty. Some other people exit a building with a sign for `Home Industries' over the door.

There is a shot taken from across the other side of the lake looking onto the village and the people milling around. A woman and child walk across some stepping stones and then the shot finishes with a bagpiper marching up and down a field playing the pipes.

Title-6 P.M. the return journey

The train track and the countryside are visible from inside the train

Title-Still merry and bright

A girl sits at a table and is eating a meal. She smiles at the camera.

Title-The End.