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This film is part of the Jackson collection and captures footage from the men and women's competitions at the British Cyclo-Cross Championship. This particular race features famous Yorkshire cyclist, Beryl Burton.

Title-Morley Cycle Club


Title-British Cyclo-Cross Championship 1962.

Title-Filmed by: R. Barraclough
P.D. Jackson
D. Sutcliffe
P. Doper.

The film opens on a field in Tingley near Wakefield, which is full of spectators and cyclists who are wiping mud off their legs. The voiceover says that this is the women's competition, the first time that it has ever been held, and they check their bikes before the race starts. The voiceover also says that less than half the competitors who applied are taking part and that it is probably due to the bad weather.

The competitors line up at the starting line, and the voiceover mentions some of the cyclists: Beryl Burton, Valerie Rushworth and the Croucher sisters. The race starts and some of the cyclists ride their bikes while the others carry their bikes down the track. They run up a hill and then jump onto their bikes and ride off. The voiceover says that the course is about 4.5 miles long.

The camera is on a low section of a field looking up at a cyclist who rides down the hill, then gets off her bike, lifts it over a stone wall and runs down the rest of the hill carrying the bike. A couple of other cyclists do the same thing.

There is a sequence of shots showing the cyclists running along muddy ground up to a large puddle of water. They throw their bikes across the water, jump across and continue on. Some of the cyclists jump across the water while carrying their bike and some of them fall in the mud. There are more shots of the competitors as they run along the track past the spectators. Beryl Burton, runs towards the finish line and finishes first. She smiles at the camera and then gets a kiss on the cheek from a young girl. Other competitors cycle over the finishing line and there are brief shots of the winner putting her jacket on and talking to the spectators.

A large group of competitors wait at the starting line for the men's race; they talk and smile at the camera. The Lord Mayor of Morley, Councillor Laurie Finnegan walks across the grass to the starting line and says a few words. Then the race begins and the voiceover mentions last year's champion from Coventry Road Club, John Atkins who is also taking part this year. He continues on to say that this year has a record 127 men competing, and that the course length is four and a bit laps of the course. The voiceover says that the Yorkshire Champion, Harry Bond, will challenge John Atkins for first place.

The cyclists take off from the starting line and there are many shots of the crowd of competitors running along the muddy track pushing and carrying their bikes. They jump down into a stream bed and continue on up a hill where some of the competitors run up the hill while some of them cycle. There are shots from a variety of angles.

In the next section the camera captures the cyclists from the side of a narrow country road as they ride by. Then back to the grassy field and the competitors come running up the hill towards the camera. They jump off their bikes and jump over streams carrying their bikes. There is a long sequence of shots of the cyclists running along the grassy track, carrying their bikes.

Back on an open country road, the cyclists ride down a hill and up another one. Spectators line the course as the riders run along a grassy track with their bikes on their shoulders. Another long sequence of shots following riders as they jump into streams, run down hills; some of the riders fall down in the mud. The next section follows the competitors as they make their way across fences and along a road past farm buildings.

There are more shots from the top of a hill looking at the riders as they make their way in the direction of the camera, jump down over a wall and continue along the track. They make their way down a hill towards the finish lane, cross over another stream, and some of the competitors slip in the mud beside the huge crowd of spectators. The Lord Mayor shakes hands with some competitors as they cross the finish line. John Atkins wins the race and poses with some of the cyclists. The final shot is of one of the very muddy bicycles.