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NEFA 21451



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An amateur film made by Milton Newton of the 140 mile Blaydon Course as part of the  British Cycling Federation National Road Race Championship. Starting from Blaydon Rugby Club the film shows riders completing four laps of the course travelling through Blaydon-on-Tyne then west to Riding Mill, south to Kiln Pit Hill and Carterway Heads and then north and east to Shotley Bridge and back to Blaydon. The final part of the film shows various prizes being awarded to the winner by Newcastle United Football Club centre-forward and Scottish International player Frank Brennen. The winner of the race is Bill Bradley from South Port (West) who is given a bicycle frame as a prize.

The film begins outside the Blaydon Rugby Club where riders are waiting for the start of the race. A crowd of onlookers stand along the pavement. A number of the riders smile at the camera.

The film cuts to a moving car as it overtakes the riders speeding along a road. They travel along a suburban street and past St Cuthbert’s Church on Shibdon Road in Blaydon. Four riders out in front pedal up an incline through a village followed by the rest of the pack. From the car again views of the riders travelling along a country road with two riders now in front. The film cuts to the car now some distance behind the riders showing them in the distance travelling up an incline possibly along the A68.

The film cuts to show the lead three riders turning left at a roundabout followed by the rest of the cyclists. General view of the riders travelling at speed from a moving car. Out in front are two cyclists one of whom begins to move away from the other.

The two lead riders travel slowly up an incline past a red Mini-Cooper. The film cuts to show the lead rider coming down another incline past a small crowd of onlookers and a man holding up a large white flag. Not far behind are the other riders. The lead cyclist takes a swig of refreshment from a bottle as he passes the camera.

From the car a view follows of all the riders as it passes them, one rider is out in front. The film cuts to the bottom of a hill. In the distance the riders can be seen approaching and then passing at speed. The riders turn left again at a roundabout.

A man with a camera quickly runs across the road as the lead riders pass. He then takes a photograph. A growing crowd watches as the riders pass the man with the white flag again. There are more views of the riders as they complete the course filmed both from the car and from roadside.

Back at Blaydon a large crowd watch as the checkered flag is raised and the first four competitors cross the finish line. The film cuts to show two of the competitors shaking hands after the race.

Behind a trestle table full of cycling gear Frank Brennen makes a speech to the surrounding crowd. They begin to applaud as a bicycle frame is presented to the race winner Bill Bradley. The two men shake hands. The crowd continue to applaud as a pair of wheel frames are presented to second and third placed Allan Rambotton and Jim Hinds. The film ends with views of Frank Brennen presenting other prizes to a number of other competitors.