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YFA 311



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This is a Charles Chislett film of a family holiday at Tenby, at home and a visit to Bristol Zoo.

The film begins with birds, including white and black swans, ducks, ducklings, and geese around a pond. There is a nature reserve with houses and gardens nearby. Mrs Chislett, her daughter Rachel, and her husband Roy, descend the old steps from the Imperial Hotel at Tenby. Rachel and Roy run hand in hand across the beach towards the sea. Rachel holds up her baby son so that she can paddle in a pool of water.

Roy walks past a row of shops carrying a newspaper, whilst his daughter carries a magazine. One of the shops advertises Hovis. Rachel is filmed indoors as she washes her new-born baby in a plastic tub with the help of her daughter. The little girl helps dry the baby and put on talcum powder and Vaseline. She puts washing in the laundry basket and collects grass cuttings on the lawn where Roy is mowing the lawn with an electric mower, with the Jaguar (reg. ME 5995) parked in the drive. The daughter plays with some toy spades and pushes her baby brother in a pram across the lawn with her parents.

Rachel stands her daughter on the branch of a tree.

There is a van with 'Bristol Zoo' and animals painted on the side. A man beats his chest and pretends to be a monkey, the camera lifts up to a sign asking that visitors not feed the animals. The film takes a tour of the zoo, showing the various animals, including monkeys, crocodiles, penguins, lizards, brown and polar bears, giraffe and parrots. The same man feeds the bears and kangaroos. (The family do not appear at the zoo).