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YFA 5991



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This is a film of the Scout Group of St Thomas Groves, Lord Mayor’s Own, York, on a trip to Stump Cross Caverns and Brimham Rocks.

(Note: although the film is titled Brimham Rocks these are not seen in the film).

The Cubs, and Scouts, get into their green minibus. They next set up camp and cook their breakfast of bacon, sausages and beans on an open fire.  The boys eat in the communal tent.  Afterwards they stand outside next to their kit which they have laid out for inspection.  They encircle the flag pole and erect a Union Jack flag.  They then make a rope swing before setting off again in their minibus.  After having to change a wheel on the minibus, they arrive at Stump Cross Caverns.  Here a man gives a demonstration using a balloon which catches fire.

Back at the camp they have a game of cricket.  Inside the communal tent they line for some presentations of a Brimham 1970 arrow by two men wearing bright yellow plastic suits.  The tents are packed.

Title – The End