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NEFA 9830



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An amateur film made by John Dickinson featuring him and his friends off-roading in Land Rovers across the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland, in and around Blindburn and Alnwinton.

Title: On the Fells with a Land Rover

The film opens with two men walking through a field of caravans. Parked nearby are two Land Rovers.

A land Rover is driven across rough terrain. The other Land Rover drives through a gate and parks near the first. A man with a jerry can walks over and fills one of the vehicles with petrol. A small crowd watches as one of the Land Rovers drives away.

A view of a green valley changes to show the two Land Rovers parked on a track, a number of people standing nearby. Two men sit on a nearby hillside chatting. A third man uses a spade to try and dig out the rear tyre of one of the Land Rovers stuck in the boggy ground. A man works a winch attached to the other vehicle pulling out the stuck Land Rover from the mud. A small group run behind the Land Rover, now free from the mud, being pulled by the winch across a hillside.

General views showing both Land Rovers driving across hillside and along muddy tracks.

Title: Blindburn

One of the Land Rovers drives at speed down a hillside and then move slowly across a small stream. The film cuts to show a view looking down into a valley where a number of caravans are parked.

General views of the Land Rovers driving along a track across hilly ground. On the bonnet of one of the vehicles a group consult their maps. One of the Land Rovers has become stuck in the mud and the group use ropes to free it.

Four Land Rovers are parked along a track near a rocky stream. A man gets into one of the vehicles and they all set off along the track. General views of the vehicles traversing the muddy and rocky landscape. Another vehicle becomes stuck and the group push and try to dig it out with spades. With three pushing from the rear and a rope attached to another vehicle off screen, the Land Rover eventually is freed.

The Land Rovers are now parked beside caravans, their owners standing nearby chatting. Back on the hill, two Land Rovers travel across the landscape. One becomes stuck in deep muddy water. A man uses a plank of wood to try and dig under a front wheel. A tractor is parked beside another Land Rover. The sequence ends with a Land Rover driving off along a track.

Title: Hexham Common

A small group help to push one of the Land Rovers out of a muddy ditch. Travelling shot from one of the competing cars across the bumpy terrain. A Land Rover drives into a ditch and again becomes stuck but is pulled from the mud by rope.

Title: Cheviot

travelling shot from the rear of one vehicle driving along a tarmacked road of a second Land Rover following close behind.

The film cuts to show the vehicles parked at a farm beside a wooden building on a farm, hills in the near distance.

A woman and dog walk down a hillside towards a man as a Land Rover slowly drives up towards them. The film ends with them stepping aside as the vehicle passes.

Title: The end