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NEFA 8995



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An amateur film made by John Dickinson of a visit to Lewick in the Shetlands. The film begins at Carters Bar on the England-Scotland border and records a car journey through Edinburgh and Perth, arriving in Aberdeen for the ferry to Lerwick. Views of activity on board the ferry St Clair are followed by those around Lewick including the fishing fleet unloading and auctioning the previous night’s catch. The film ends back on board the St Clair for the journey back to Aberdeen where they are followed out of the harbour by the fishing fleet.

Title: Journey to Shetland

The film opens on a road and a blue RAC telephone box with the name 'Carter Bar' written above the door. The film cuts to two road signs that read ‘Roxburgh’ and ‘Scotland’.

A phantom car journey through the centre of Edinburgh travelling along George IV Bridge, onto North Bank Street and then along The Mount cutting to Princes Street where the car makes a right turn. The film changes to Queensferry and the car pulls into the terminal and drives onto the ferry.

Views of the Forth Road bridge under construction as the ferry crosses the Firth of Forth. The ferry, now identified as the ‘Queen Mary’, pulls up along the quayside at North Queensferry and two crew members tie the boat up. Seen from the car a small child sits with its mother on the backseat of a car in front.

Now docked, the cars drive off the ferry. travelling shot as the car drives away from North Queensferry and along a country lane.

A large road sign reads ‘Welcome to Perth’. General viewsfollow looking down on the city below. The film cuts to a view of the George Hotel with a crest hanging from the wall. A view of Perth Bridge crossing the River Tay cuts to another road sign for the city of Aberdeen.

Traffic and pedestrians travelling along Union Street in Aberdeen cuts to a view of the ferry St Clair docked along a quayside. On board a member of the crew secures a lifeboat while two others sit in bosuns' chairs painting the side of the vessel. Now at sea, two women standing on the deck of the ship cuts to a view inside a cabin.

The following day a view of the sun rising as the St Clair approaches Lerwick. As it pulls up along the quayside a sign on the wall of a warehouse reads ‘Welcome to the Shetlands’. A crewman throws a rope over the side of the ship which is collected by someone along the dockside.

A view of the clock tower at Jarlshof Castle cuts back to the dock and a view of the St Clair docked there. A number of fishing trawlers are tied up along another part of the quayside as another approaches and prepares to tie up.

A sign on a wall advises that cycling is not allowed on Commercial Street and vehicular traffic are not allowed to travel over 40 miles an hour. General views showing pedestrians and vehicles travelling along a narrow street.

The film returns to the quayside where a number of fishing trawlers are moored. Wooden crates full of fish are unloaded and carried to a warehouse for auctioning. Inside stacks of fish are haggled over and sold. Out in the bay a Russian tanker waits to come into harbour.

On the dockside a small crowd waves as the St Clair departs Lerwick. General views of the town from the ferry and a number of fishing trawlers accompany the ferry as it makes its way back into the North Sea. The film ends on a sunset.

Title: The end