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NEFA 9011



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An amateur film made by John Dickinson of a drive across the Cheviot Hill in Northumberland by two Land Rovers. Starting near Blindburn, the vehicles trek across rough terrain and get stuck on a number of occasions. Using ropes and brute force they manage to get the vehicles free, arriving at their final destination, possibly near Alwinton.  

Title: A Day at Cheviot

The film begins with two men standing beside a Land Rover, whilst a third sits in the back. Next, one of the men is standing beside a bridge looking out across the rural landscape. Two Land Rovers drive across the bridge, through a farmyard and out into the hilly countryside of the Cheviots.

General views of the vehicles driving along a rocky track, through a farm gate and across rough open ground. One of the vehicles is stuck in mud while the other drives on ahead.

A small crowd of people stand around a hillside as both Land Rovers drive past. Two young couples sit on the bracken. Another group stands around looking at the engines of one of the Land Rovers.

One of the Land Rovers drives over rough ground. Another becomes stuck in the mud. Ropes are attached to the other vehicle and a number of men push the stuck Land Rover, attempting to get it moving again.

General views of the rural landscape with the Land Rovers driving in the distance. A man gets into one of the Land Rovers. One of the vehicles drive across a stream. A man on a horse and cart rides towards the parked vehicles. Wooden planks are placed on the boggy ground and both vehicles drive across them carefully. The film ends on the front wheels of one of the Land Rovers encased in mud.

Title: The end