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NEFA 9836



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A home movie made by John Dickinson of a visit to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and a journey from Goathland to Pickering and back. The film includes journeys on both steam and diesel locomotives and volunteers working with the trains.

The film opens on the driver at the controls of a diesel passenger train travelling along a track. Outside along the track, a man opens the gates at a level crossing allowing the train to pass.

Along a street comes a parading juvenile jazz band.

A steam train arrives at a station. The engine reverses and is coupled to a passenger carriage by an engineer, watched by a woman standing on the platform.

Standing on the now empty platform, a man holds a small flag and has a whistle in his mouth.

The train travels through a wooded area along the line.

A man sits outside the entrance of the signal box at Goathland. A member of staff comes up the stone steps and goes inside.

A second steam train reverses across a level crossing, the engineer pictured at the controls. A family walks along the platform beside the train. General views of a different train and a railway tunnel.

Another steam locomotive speeds through the station cutting quickly to the same locomotive now stationary on the platform coupled to a number of carriages. The platform sign reads ‘Grosmont’ and a woman walks past the train.

The train now pulls out of the station and heads through the rural landscape of the North Yorkshire Mooors, passing a field of baled hay and another with tents erected in them.

General views of the trains travelling along the track passing a signal and coming into another railway station. A station clock reads 11.30am . A general view follows along an empty road. A sign hanging over the station platform reads ‘Trains for Levisham Pickering’.

A diesel passenger train comes into the station quickly cutting to show a steam train passing. A sign attached to the front of the diesel train reads ‘National Park Scenic Service’. Inside the train passengers are seated while in the drivers cab the driver puts on his jacket.

A view of the platform changes to show a view of a rural valley. In the near distance a steam train stands stationary, the level crossing gates in the foreground closing.

Another locomotive steams through a tunnel. The film then cuts to a shot of the train, now stationary on the platform. The name plate reads’ The Moorlander’. The film ends with a second locomotive identified by it’s name plate ‘Greene King’ reversing into a platform.