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NEFA 9849



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This home movie compilation made by John Dickinson features footage of his children at home or playing on the beach near Warkworth in Northumberland and events taking place as part of  the 1976 Caravan Club Northern Centres rally taking place at Beckfoot Park, Kirby Lonsdale in Cumbria, inlcuding a volleyball match and a game of tug-o-war. Children on the site participate by carrying streamers and signage supporting various teams. The final part of the film features a visit to a miniature railway.

The film opens with a small boy playing on the floor with his father before he bum-shuffles across the carpet. A man wipes the boy’s face before the child shuffles across the carpet again.

A toddler sits in a push chair on a beach. A number of coble fishing boats are anchored just off shore as a man and child play together in the surf. A small boy walks towards the sea carrying a yellow bucket. He collects water in the bucket while his father plays nearby with the toddler in the push chair. The three play and splash around in the water and build sandcastles on the beach.

In the next sequence a man sits in a deckchair beside a caravan, eating. Three placards are on the ground beside him. General view of a large field with a structure in the distance and a pole erected in a line.


General view of a large crowd. A raised platform displays a large sign that reads ‘Northern Centres’. A man applauds as a woman steps onto the platform. Two triangular flags gently flutter in the breeze.

A small group stands together chatting. A number of marquees are set up in the near distance. Four women stand behind a trestle table set up under a caravan awning. They chat with a woman on the other side of the table.

A car pulling a caravan drives along an estate road flanked by flag poles. The film changes to show a group of men playing a game of volleyball. A man sits on a raised platform adjudicating the match.

A woman joins a group standing under a caravan awning and is then pictured with three other women, one of whom is carrying a large plate.

General view showing caravans at the event parked in a field. Three men set up a windbreak hammering in the poles with a brick.

A man in a white coat stands chatting with a woman beside a large van with company name 'Tolona' and stall selling frozen pizza. A woman shops at a Robinsons Bread van.

A man in drag walks up and down a row of children before lifting his dress and flashing his shorts at them. Each of the children hold either green streamers or large letters that spell out ‘Northumberland’. The man in drag now walks up and down behind them. A second man in drag appear wearing a long gown. The children cheer, wave streamers or hold up a large Caravan Club flag. The group march off together, the two men in drag leading the way. A man at a microphone addresses a small crowd. A dog wearing a jumper and shorts walks past on a lead and is patted by one of the men in drag.

A group of children sit or kneel on the ground in front of a crowd of adults. Some of them are carrying orange and red flags. Two teams of men in drag wearing either green, yellow or red and yellow tops and skirts prepare for a game of volleyball. The children seen previously carrying the ‘Northumberland’ lettering walk around the grass volleyball court. A match takes place.

A man is carried on the shoulders of a group as children run past cheering. The cheerleading children wave flags and streamers.

The crowd watch two teams compete in a game of of tug-o-war.


A small crowd surround the Caravan Club Northern Centres rally stage.

The film cuts to show Warkworth bridge over the River Coquet. A car and caravan cross the bridge. In the distance, caravans are parked in rows in a field. General view of cars parked near a house.

 A large crowd awaits the arrival of a train. Travelling shots from a miniature train of mountainous countryside follow. The train with passenger carriages pulls onto a platform. The film ends with a shot of the miniature steam engine being turned on a turntable.