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YFA 550



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This film records the events of a 'Warship Week' fundraising appeal held in Bridlington in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Each day different events would be held to encourage people to donate money to help build warships for the war effort. Intertitles would precede the events of each day that celebrated Home Front services.

Title - Inspired by the heroism of sailors and seamen.

Title – Bridlington launches a warship week.

Title – Our target is £136,000.

Title – To pay for H.M.S. ‘Bridlington’.

There is then a shot of a poster which has a bulldog wearing a sailors hat and a speech bubble from the mouth that reads, ‘More ships – Come on!’. A caption below reads, ‘War savings are warships…’. The next shot shows another poster with a picture of a castle, and a caption reads, ‘National savings – Your security’. Another poster reads, ‘War savings are warships’ and another, ‘Save your way to victory – Buy national saving certificates’. There is then a poster for the Warship event that reads, ‘Warship week begins November 29. Lend to build H.M Minesweeper, Bridlington’.

Outside a grand building in Bridlington, a poster reads, ‘Bonds before bondage – Savings secure safety’. On a street outside a shop with a ‘Co-operative’ sign, a poster reads, ‘England expects – Bridlington’s warship week Nov.29’. A group of boy scouts pull a cart decorated with different wartime posters down a street, and boy dressed like Hitler sits in a barrel on the cart.  Another shot then captures a various signs on a street, one of which reads, ‘A saving group is a victory group – Bridlington warship week begins Nov 29’. Following this are more shots of posters shown scattered across the town.

Title – Armed forces day 29th November.

The sequence opens with a panning view of a crowd gathered on a street in Bridlington. A senior army official stands on a podium decorated with a Union Jack and salutes as a military procession as it passes. The fundraising is charted a large board that has a marker in the shape of a warship and the indicator is moved up from £20,000 to £45,000. Under exposed shots then show local delegates and other senior officials walk in a line past the camera.

Title - Civil Defence Day November 30th.

A car drives down a road and pulls up. A man gets out and pops into the savings centre to get some bonds. A brass band then leads a march of Air Raid Precautions, police, (unisex) Civil Defence Messengers, women carrying banners and other Home Front defence services. Vehicles, including trucks with banners such as, ‘Civil Defence organization Rescue Parties’ and ‘Waterwork’s repair squad. We supply the water. Will you supply the ship?’, are part of the procession. The Lord Mayor and other local delegates are then shown on a rostrum before the procession passes.

A French horn band then play briefly by the totals board, before a shot of board reads, ‘Daily Totals – Saturday: £52,072. The Lord Mayor of Bridlington then leaves the rostrum, waving at the crowd.

Title - Navy Day 1st December.

The opening shot in this sequence shows a group of officials standing round the totals board, raising the indicator from 0 to £11,000. A shot then shows the daily totals board which reads, ‘Sunday: 11,392’. The final shot in this sequence shows a general addressing the crowd from the rostrum.

Title – Fire service day, 2nd December.

This sequence shows Firemen performing a display for the Warship Week. The scene opens with a fireman up a ladder dealing with a simulated blaze at a several storey building. A pretend victim is winched to the ground from the window using rope. The firemen then turn the hoses on the building while the crowd watch, and there are excellent shots of the equipment the fire service used during this period.  Back at the totals board and the total for Monday reads, ‘£31,974’, with an overall total of ‘£95,438’. With a fire engine in the foreground, a speech is made from the rostrum, before the totals for Tuesday, £30,041, is put on the board. 

Title - Traders Day 4th December.

Title – Target is now past.

Local dignitaries walk past the camera. The next shot shows the totals board being updated with Wednesdays result, ‘£45,178’.

Title – Visit of the Princess Royal on schools day.

On a street in Bridlington, the pavements are crowded with people watching as the Royal motorcade passes down the street and pulls up outside Bridlington Town Hall. The Princess Royal steps out and enters the building. The following shot captures the Princess Royal and the Lord Mayor exiting the building and getting into the cars.

In the Town centre, the Princess is introduced to various local delegates and event organisers, before she updates the totals board, which now shows that the overall total on Thursday is £207,134. From the Rostrum, the Princess then makes a speech and is then introduced to a senior army official by the Lord Mayor.

Title – Rural District day

Title – Final scenes.

Brief shots shows another day in the town centre, where people have gathered to hear speeches and to see the totals board updated for Friday and Saturday. The final overall total for Saturday is ‘£270,000’.

Title – A result of which to be proud.

A wide shot captures the totals board in full detail: a caption at the bottom of the board reads, ‘Bridlington help to blast the Boche’, with the total at ‘£270,000. Sweeping shots capture the amounts made on each day of the week, with a close up showing the final, overall amount of ‘£293,762’. The film concludes with a still image of George VI.

Title – God save the King.

Title – The end.