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This film is a compilation of titles which are part of the Bridlington Reference Library Collection. Included are scenes taking at Fisherman's Sunday in 1932, a news reel about Lightweight Boxing champion Billy Thompson, and scenes at the seaside at Bridlington in the 1920s.

Title - Bridlington keeps its memories alive - whole town honours 61st anniversary of Great Gale of 1871 in which over 100 brave lives were lost. (British Movietone)

A parade makes its way down the street. Included are a marching band and the Bridlington Lifeboat. The streets are lined with crowds, and the Westminster Bank can be seen in the background. Servicemen and priests are also part of the procession which makes its way to the cathedral. The Bishop lays a wreath on the Memorial in remembrance of those who died. A large crowd is gathered around the Memorial for the service, and the film closes as the church choir sings hymns.

Title - Contestants for Lightweight Title Train (Movietone News)

This short newsreel follows Billy Thompson of Hickleton, South Yorkshire, as he trains in Bridlington for the British Lightweight Title in 1948.

The next film is an amateur film taken at a day out at the zoo in the 1920s. There are animals in cages, including bears. Children, with their parents, stand near the cages to get a good look at the animals. There is a sign: Visitors Do Not Feed. Many of the people at the zoo are dressed in hats and overcoats.

At the Royal Princes Parade in Bridlington, the promenade is crowded with people enjoying a day out at the seaside. People make their way down the promenade while others sit on park benches and the sea wall. Many hold umbrellas, and the women are dressed in fur coats while the men wear overcoats. Later, a group of people pose for the camera on the promenade. A teenage girl holds a parasol, and buildings can be seen in the background. At the Parade, near the gardens, many holidaymakers are seated looking out towards the sea, and there is a woman who is being pushed in a wheelchair. The area is full of people of all ages.

Down on the beach, parents relax, seated on chairs, and their children play in the sand. Some of the children play a game of leapfrog. One of the little girls had made a sculpture in the sand, and out of pebbles has written PEACE. This is followed by more footage of people walking along the Royal Princes Parade. There is a group of men seated on the wall, many of whom are smoking. There are shots of all the families on their day out, many of the children wearing hats, and most seated on benches looking out towards the sea.

The next film documents a wedding at the Bridlington Quay Priory Church in the 1920s. The newlyweds exit the church and are showered with confetti. They quickly pose for the camera. This is followed by a shot of Bridlington Harbour where the spray can be seen coming over the sea wall. A group of men, presumably wedding guests, pose for the camera. Some of the men are smoking. This is followed by a shot of a large group including women and children who pose for the camera. Many of them smile for the camera. Some of the men wear top hats, and many of the women wear fur coats.

The final film on this reel is a news item about the Empress of Ireland, 1921.

Title - The Disaster to the Sister Ship the Empress of Ireland July 1912.
Title - The Empress of Ireland

Shots of the ship.

Title - Passengers watching the fog gathering.

Shots from the deck.

Title - The Sinking of the Coaling Steamer.

The ship is sunk, and a crowd of people are peering over the side of the docks to get a better view.

Title - After the Wreck.

Shots of the liner.

Title - The Survivors on Board

The film ends with a shot of the survivors.

NB.  This title is not held at Bridlington Local Studies Library.