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YFA 4860



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This film captures a day at the seaside at Bridlington as well as its famous lifeboat which is on parade before being launched into the sea. 

Title – Bridlington

The film begins with a shot of the Bridlington town sign where two people stand close by.  Following this, there is a shot of a street with houses along either side.  A man on a bicycle rides down the road. 

Many people are out walking along the promenade, and there is a Snaps Photography studio which can be seen in the background.  The promenade has a fountain which children gather around.  There is a brief shot of the front gates of the Royal Prince’s Parade, and following this is footage of long man-made shallow lake for children to sail model boats.  The children push the sailboats around the lake by using long sticks. 

Inside an auditorium, a band plays on a stage.  And outside, many people walk along the promenade near the seaside which can be seen in the background.  There is a shot of the coastline and water, and a mother and son walk towards the camera.  The mother is wearing a fur coat. 

There is an exterior shot of the Manchester Hotel which is followed by shots of the bay where people are gathered at the edge of the seawall along the pier. 

Title – By the Sea

Sailboats are out at sea, and the storefronts along the promenade can be seen.  Many people are out and about, and the lifeboat is on display.  The lifeboat is then on parade through the streets of the town past Oustons Lounge Bar.  There are sailors on board the George & Jane Walker Lifeboat, and they are dressed in rain slickers.  The boat makes its way down the hill towards the ocean, and there are many people who follow the boat along its route.  The lifeboat is pulled by a tractor, and once on the beach, the tractor backs the boat into the water.  The sailors all have long oars, and they also push a sail up as the boat goes it the sea.  The tractor then pulls the platform back from the water after the boat has been let go.

(Brief kodacolor stock)  A huge crowd of people is gathered around an open air pool.  There are some swimmers in the water who swim with an inflatable seahorse.  A group of swimmers play a game with balloons in the water before there is a freestyle race. 

There is a shot of the beach along with a few rides by a sign for the North Pier.  Children also ride on motorboats in a small pool.  At a small café, the Tea Rooms, tables and chairs have been set up outside, and two people are being served.  Following this is a shot of the pier where the Yorkshireman, Hull, makes it way to dock.  The boat’s captain can be seen, and the boat disembarks full of passengers.  There is a piece band of board made up of men playing a trumpet, banjo, and drum.  Another boat, the Royal Jubilee, leaves for a tour along the coast.  This boat is also full of passengers, and a man on board plays the accordion.  Footage is taken from the tour boat, and the film closes with shots of the tourists and the coastline.