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Two short filmed acceptance speeches made by Brendan Foster on winning the North Sportsman of the Year award for the third year running.

In the first speech Brendan wearing a denim jacket and Adidas t-shirt sits outside under a veranda. ‘Hello from sunny South Africa’ he opens with. He wishes everyone at the Vaux dinner taking place at the Seaburn Hotel all the best, and say’s he’s heard of the bad weather back in the UK. It is a great honour for him to with the Vaux award for the third time in a row. He talks about running that morning with his training buddy Lindsey [Dunn]. He finishes by raising a toast to ‘Sport in the North’ with a glass of local beer. (50 sec)

In the second speech Brendan is again sitting outside, but is now wearing a suit. He says that when those at the dinner see this film, he will be several thousand miles away in Johannesburg. It is a great honour for him to win North Sportsman of the Year for the third year in a row, and says if he wins again he will be getting shares in Vaux Breweries. He ends by wishing everyone at the dinner a successful evening and hopes to see them all again soon. (42 sec)