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NEFA 21665



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An amateur film by Betty Cook from the Cleveland Cine Club of the British Grand Prix taking place at Brands Hatch Racing Circuit on the 18th July 1982. As well as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which was won by Austrian driver Andreas Nikolaus “Niki” Lauda, the film also includes a vintage car race as well as views from the pit lanes where Nigel Mansell is filmed walking past. As well as the races, the film also includes views of the crowds enjoying the racing and sunbathing on what must have been a sweltering day.

The film opens with a brief view of a touring car speeding around the Brands Hatch circuit cutting to a Sealink helicopter flying overhead.

Back on the racing track views show vintage racing cars speeding around the circuit intercut with views of Formula 1 hovercraft speeding around a grassed area.

In the sky, the Red Arrows aerial display team perform an aerobatic display watched by the crowds.

From an elevated position looking down onto the track, views show the Formula 1 race with cars speeding past. The race in interview with views of the crowds watching including the filmmakers husband, Arthur Cook, sitting in a deckchair.

After the race and standing over the McClaren-Ford of race winner Niki Lauda stand a number of people in red jumpsuits all with their backs to camera. A young woman walks past a white Range Rover which then pulls away the racing car. In the crowd someone waves a Union Jack.

Standing in the back of a white pick-up truck Niki Lauda and two other men, presumably Didier Pironi and Patrick Tambay the race's 2nd and 3rd place winners, are driven past and then around the track where they wave to the crowds. More views show the crowds sunning themselves and a television camera recording the race from an elevated platform.

Back on the track a vintage racing cars race takes place with a woman in a bikini top watching on.

The film cuts to the pit lane and two men chatting. A young woman poses besides the black and gold Lotus-Ford of Nigel Mansell.

 A large man sits eating from a packet which cuts to views of mechanics working on a number of racing engines. A pick-up truck lifts the Alfo-Romeo of Bruno Giacomelli as a rear tyre is removed. Engineers work to remove the rubber tyres from the metal frames. Three men walk past as a policeman looks down on the camera from a platform. Nigel Mansell walks past camera chatting with a colleague. At a table beside the lorry a man speaks into a camera. The film ends with more views of engineers working on their racing engines.