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YFA 6003



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This film was taking at the opening of the new housing development built at Parkside Close, West Bank, York.  The houses were built by Bradley & Co, York, and celebrations include an appearance by television broadcaster Bill Grundy.  The film also includes some family footage of one of those involved in the project.  

The film begins with two young boys who are playing with a green wheelbarrow in the street.  The boys, aged around 3 and 4, are identically dressed in white shirts and black caps.  A man and a woman stand at a new housing development, and there are shots of the new houses in the sunshine.  A vintage Rolls Royce parked outside on the street, and it is filmed from different angles.  

Elsewhere, the two boys are accompanied by their older brother and mother in a garden.  A tepee and cowboy wagon can be seen in the background. 

At the new housing development in West Bank, York, exteriors of the houses can be seen as well as some construction equipment like a cement mixer.  Fresh snow covers the surfaces, and a man clears the street with a broom.  A large crowd has gathered for the opening, and the streets nearby are lined with cars.  Bill Grundy arrives and signs autographs for some of his fans.  There is a street sign for Parkside Close.  Gundy exits one of the houses, surrounded by an entourage, gets into a waiting car, and leaves the event.  There are more exterior shots of the houses and crowd before the housing development is filmed from a moving car.  The car makes its way up West Bank to Acomb Road.  Here, there is a sign, “Building Sites Bradley & Co. York.”  Next to it is the West Bank Development Map.

Title – Bradley of York

A brochure for one of the new houses is shown, the houses selling at £2,250.

Title – The End

The last section of film features the end of a christening ceremony.  A crowd of guests has gathered outside the church, and the mother holds her baby.  Different groups of people gather together for pictures, and others stand near a tall memorial.