Film ID:
YFA 3499



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This is a film showing various places in Bradford and Saltaire when they were covered in snow.  It includes a horse drawn snow plough clearing away the snow, with intertitles bearing the initials ‘HPL’.

Title: ‘Bradford Under Snow‘  ‘Snow ploughs at work  ’
Eight horses, soon becoming four horses, pull a snow plough along a snow covered street.

Intertitle:  ‘Carting the snow away’  In front of a railway station a procession of horse drawn carts carry the snow and tip it down into the sewers.

Intertitle:  ‘Forster Square’  The film shows the statue of William Edward Forster with the Post Office in the background.

Intertitle:  ‘The London train leaving the Midland station’  A train pulls out of the station whilst two workmen clear snow away from the line.

Intertitle:  ‘Victoria Square  The statue of Queen Victoria is shown in snow with a large building behind it with a banner declaring: ‘Open meetings, Sunday 3 pm’.

Intertitle:  ‘Lister Park’  A man walks in front of the statue of Samuel Cunliffe Lister, and another man sets up a camera on a tripod to photograph the snow covered trees.  Three girls walk arm-in-arm through the gates to the Park with Cartwright Hall in the background.  Some people walk around the lake in Lister Park, one pushing a pram, with the bandstand in the background, and past the boat house.

Intertitle:  ‘The River at Saltaire’  Two people in a rowing boat pull away from the boat house and make their way down the river, parts of which appear frozen, towards the iron bridge and waterfall, and the film comes to an end.