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YFA 2623



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This is an unfinished film made up of various bits of footage of Bradford's trolleybuses at the time of their ending in 1972. It shows the trolleybuses running in Bradford and focuses on how they worked. It complements the film, Bradford's Last Trolley Bus (2628).

(B&W) The film opens with an overhead electric cable followed by filming from the top of a travelling trolley bus. There is bus stop sign for the City (Tyrrel Steet). A line of trolley buses are parked outside of a factory, with cars parked opposite and lots of people, many with cameras. Then there is a view over the city centre and the Wool Exchange. Trolley buses are filmed at various locations, with the film focusing on the electric cables running overhead. Inside the bus garage a mechanic checks the battery of a bus and charges it. Also inside the garage is 'Britain's Last Trolley Bus, 1911 - 1972'. There are also some examples of older buses. More trolley buses are shown in service around Bradford. A municipal drainage cleaning lorry passes by. Some of the film is taken from on board the bus, showing passengers getting off and on, with an Asian conductor (the same conductor who is on the Last Trolley Bus Special). A man gets off carrying a baby on his back. More trolley buses are filmed from high up going around the city centre.

A man is filming with a cine camera, along with many others taking photos, as the Last Trolley Bus Special arrives to pick up enthusiastic passengers. The trolley bus arrives at the depot, with a crowd watching, and it gets hooked up to another line. The trolley bus is filmed on its journey down empty wet streets and into the city centre, past the Prudential. The driver is shown operating the controls with his foot. As it arrives, lots of enthusiasts are taking photographs. A tram worker hooks the bus onto the overhead cables using a long pole. The Special goes off again, this time with passengers.

There is a short gap in the film.

(Col. - with pinkish hue) At the car depot workshops a Number 4 trolley bus emerges, marked for Mossbank. Another man is also filming it and two are recording the sound of the wheels as it slowly drives along. Another trolley bus, No. 7 for St Helens, is disengaged from the overhead cabling and attached to a towing lorry, from 'Elliot' of York. It is filmed at various points along its journey to its final destination.

(B&W) The film is now back on board the last trolley bus, crowded with passengers and the conductor taking fares, interspersed with showing photographs of old buses. Two conductors chat with a filmmaker. At night time, passengers board the No. 7 to Thornton, many of them carrying cases of filming equipment. Outside there is a large crowd of people. The conductor makes a note in his book, and the film comes to an end.