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This film contains footage from the visit of HRH The Duchess of Kent to Bradford College in May 1971. It also gives a good indication of the various courses and facilities available at the College.

Title-Bradford College Technical College Photographic Unit Presents.

Title-The opening of the Kent Wing by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.

The film opens with shots of flowers in full bloom in a flower bed, a clock tower, and a policeman on a horse. Crowds have gathered on the street behind barriers and on the steps of the College; a photographer stands to one side of the steps.

There is a brief shot of a royal flag on a car and then the Duchess and Duke, who is in a uniform and has a sword, walk up to the building. They go up the stairs followed by several people, some of which are in academic robes. A man gives the Duchess and the Duke a leather bound book; she thanks him.

She is brought over to a wall with the small curtains hiding the plaque; she says a few words and opens them; photographs are taken. The plaque reads `The Kent Wing was opened on 18th May 1971 by Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Kent.

The Duchess is taken on a tour of the building; she meets a man and smiles and talks to him. Then she is brought to meet some women in a sewing class; people stand around and watch as she is presented with a hand-made toy. She also meets a woman in a cookery class and a woman using a loom.

In the next shot she is shown into a production room with televisions and is shown the footage of her unveiling the plaque. Next she is shown a computer lab and a laboratory with a water wave machine. Tea and sandwiches are served in the hall after a gymnastics display and then there are shots of her leaving the College.

The final shots are of students in various parts of the Kent Wing; the different labs and facilities are also depicted.

Title-Script and commentary-Humanities Department
Sound dubbing-Audio-visual section

Title-Photography and editing-Photographic Unit

This film was produced by Bradford Technical College

Title-The End.